GMI - Valves : the highest standards in industrial valves since 1990.

GMI is a leading French producer of industrial valves, and since 1990 it has been an essential partner of industry and manufacturing. Please give us a call, on +33 251101818 : our Technical and Sales representatives are here to help you find the right solution, right away and at the best price.

The GMI Mathyl pinch valve is a valve that controls the fluid flow through the deformation of a flexible component: the sleeve. Sleeve deformation can take place directly and pneumatically or by mechanical compression.

The GMI penstock is a piece of hydromechanical equipment used in applications such as sanitation, dams, pumping, and irrigation.

The GMI gate valve has a disc which moves linearly, perpendicular to the direction of flow at the valve seats. It can have angled seats (single-wedge disc, flexible-wedge disc) or parallel seats (free expansion, self-tightening, slice gate valve, gate valve with seat ring). External sealing is obtained using a stuffing box or, less commonly, a bellows. The gate valve acts as a shut-off device for a fluid, whether gas or liquid.

Our knowledge of the special needs and constraints of high-tech sectors: chemicals, oil, paper, thermal processes, fire, water treatment, etc., means that we can offer you technical valve solutions that suit your applications perfectly.
All of our valves are made to the strictest quality standards and in compliance with the regulations in force (ISO 9001, DESP, EXAT, API, ASTM, ANSI, etc.). Our brand names are the guarantee of this commitment. Our insistence on quality and the reactivity of our sales department have won us the trust of the most demanding customers.
This website will allow you to discover our range of products, help you to find what you are looking for, and give you access to the complete set of technical documentation. Please give us a call, on +33 2 51 10 18 18: our Technical and Sales Representatives are here to help you find the right solution, right away and at the best price. Your choice of valves for your industrial installations will affect the operation of your facilities, not to mention the maintenance costs.
If a product is poorly suited to your application, it can cause leakage, excess consumption, or pollution.
Our years of experience in the field of industrial valves in industries such as: ship-caissons, hydroelectric plants and dams, boilermaking, chemicals, cement manufacture, pumping circuits, cogeneration, shipbuilding, cryogenics, oil depots, distilleries, dosing, the environment, industry, the heating industry, irrigation, paper, petrochemicals, oil, oil platforms, drinking water, energy production, powder products, the iron and steel industry, purification plants, sugar mills, water treatment, pipes, biofuels, and water supply, all contribute to our strong credibility on the market. Because of our careful observance of quality and manufacturing standards (ISO 9001, ACS, AISI, ANSI, API, APSAD, CE, DESP, Fire safe to BS 6755, FM, NACE, NF, NFE, fire safety, UL and VDI), we can handle and provide a guarantee for the widest range of industrial fluids, such as acids, compressed air, ballast, oxygen, water, gases, industrial gases, natural gas, inert gases, helium, hydrogen, oil, sea water, solvents, vapour, acetylene, ammonia, and nitrogen.
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