GMI - Valves presents the data sheets for its industrial valve range.

From this zone, you have full access to the data sheets for our complete range of industrial valves.
Our Design Office continually updates these data sheets.
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Please contact our valve technicians if you would like assistance in choosing the best product for your application. This will depend on the technical specifications of your application: the fluid to be conveyed, the environment, applicable standards, operating pressure, operating temperature, DN fitting diameter, type of connection, etc.

If you do not know the catalogue number of the product you need, you can find it using our intuitive browser via the bar on the left.
This will enable you to find an item according to its characteristics and the following hierarchy:
Industrial valves are categorised according to four main functions.
The first function is 'shut-off', performed by ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, pinch valves, knife gate valves, membrane valves, and penstocks.
The second function is 'control', performed by needle valves, manifolds, globe valves, diaphragm valves, and float valves.
The third function is 'safety control for industrial installations', performed by check valves, filters, safety valves, bursting discs, expansion joints, pressure regulators, and steam traps.
Finally, there are certain accessories used to control the valves remotely: pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, and hydraulic actuators. Accessories can also be used to test industrial valves using our automatic valve test bench. Fluid presence in tanks is checked by level gauges, and in pipes it is checked by flow sensors.
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