Hydro Afibra Penstock by GMI.

Penstocks valves

The GMI penstock is a piece of hydromechanical equipment used in applications such as sanitation, dams, pumping, and irrigation.

HYDRO-AFIBRAŽ Penstocks valves, welded design

welded penstocks valves Construction : Square or rectangular port sliding wall penstocks sealed on 3 or 4 sides.
Body material : Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Gate material : Carbon steel, Satainless steel, PEHD...
Seat material : EPDM, Nitrile
Class : PN10
Sizes : Up DN200 to DN2000
End connections : Wall mounting
Our offer is drawn up to satisfy the specific operating conditions of your application. Our global offer is based on: -The construction of the penstocks: castings or welded assemblies. -Design of the penstocks. -Operating pressure, -Operating temperature, -Compatibility of the body and seal materials with the fluid being conveyed. A penstock can provide partial cut-off (flow control) or total cut-off. These dam (or shutoff gate) valves are for use in rainwater drainage systems, sewers, etc. Pond valves are also used to drain and fill ponds. These valves can be fitted with a manual pressure reducer for easier handling.
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