Pressure regulators by GMI.

Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators are used to reduce the pressure of a fluid, whether gas or liquid. The upstream pressure is reduced by adjusting the pressure regulator until the desired downstream pressure is reached.

Pneumatic regulators

pneumatic regulator Class : PN16
Body material : Aluminium
Sizes : 1/4" (DN8) - 3/8" (DN10) - 1/2" (DN15) - 3/4" (DN20) - 1" (DN25)
End connections : Threaded: BSP, NPT
- Filters
- Lubrificators
- Automatic drain connectable

Self Operated pressure regulators

self operated pressure regulators Body materials : Cast iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel...
Trims : Metal to metal, Soft sats: EPDM, PTFE...
Sizes : Up DN15 to DN150
End connections : Threaded: BSP, NPT
Flanges: PN10, PN20, PN25, PN40
Inlet pressure : 40bars
Outlet pressure : 15bars
Nos détendeurs automoteurs sont prévus pour :
- Gaz neutres
- Liquides
- Vapeur

Water Pressure Reducing Valves

water pressure reducing valves Body materials : Brass, Bronze, Cast iron
Internal materials : Metal to metal or soft seats: EPDM, NBR...
Sizes : Up DN15 to DN200
End connestions : Theaded: BSP
Flanges: PN10, PN16, PN25
Inlet maximum pressure : 25bars
Pression Aval maxi : 10bars
Réducteur de pression prévu pour une utilisation sur l'eau

Springloaded Pressure Regulators

springloaded pressure regulators Body materials : Brass, Stainless steel
Internal materials : PTFE, Nitrile, Epdm...
Sizes : Up 1/4" to 2" (DN50)
End connestions : Threaded: BSP, NPT
Inlet maximum pressure : 70bars, 200bars, 400bars, 700bars
Détendeurs HP sont prévus pour :
- Gaz : azote, Co2...
- Liquide
Our offer is drawn up to satisfy the specific operating conditions of your application. Our global offer is based on: -The construction of the pressure regulators, dischargers, or pressure reducers, whether for use with gases or liquids. -The design of the pressure regulators, dischargers, or pressure reducers, whether it includes a membrane, a piston or a dome. -The maximum upstream pressure. -The downstream pressure setting. -Operating temperature, -Compatibility of the body and seal materials with the fluid being conveyed.
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